• Save Money with a “Flat Rate” Answering Service

    Many business owners agree that unexpected fees from various service vendors are one of the most problematic budgetary issues that their companies face. Whether they’re labeled as “service fees”, “miscellaneous” or “administrative costs”, additional fees always equate to unforeseen expenses. To eliminate these extraneous costs, it’s important to utilize services which don’t carry hidden or […]

  • Affordable and Effective: Getting the Most From Your Answering Service

    When selecting an answering service, most business owners narrow their decision down to two primary factors: cost and effectiveness. Many believe that it can be difficult to find a service which simultaneously offers both, however, there are viable options which won’t sacrifice service for low cost. While many companies may present themselves as a “cheap […]

  • How a Bilingual Answering Service Can Improve Your Business

    Today, a bilingual answering service isn’t just important for businesses operating internationally, it can be an essential component of domestic business, as well. With the ever-increasing population of citizens who do not utilize English as a first language, it is crucial for businesses to offer fast, reliable service to Spanish-speaking clients or customers. In fact, […]

  • Answering Service Keeps Emergency Services Connected #Sandy

    Maple Shade, NJ: As doctors and hospitals from New York lost answering services during last week’s historic Super Storm Sandy, Ansercomm, a professional answering service company in Maple Shade, NJ helped keep them connected to hundreds of patients by providing vital communication services free of charge. Local answering services in the New York area were […]

  • Virtual Secretary Answers For You – 24 x 7

    Professional operators answer your telephone whenever you need us! Regardless of the hour, a live operator services and dispatches your call per your instructions. Using “intelligent software” we can customize your account to suit your needs. We work with you to develop a script so the virtual secretary has the information available as they answer […]

  • 5 Ways A Business Answering Service Builds Your Business

    To improve the perception of your business is important, especially when starting up. To develop a professional telephone anwering servicesTo improve the perception of your business is important, especially when starting up. To develop a professional business reputation requires being responsive. When you are a small business, you may not have the ability or time […]