Telephone Answering Services

If customer service is important to your business, then it should start with the way your phone is answered. We customize a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

By acting as your virtual office, Ansercomm keeps your lines of communication open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week so you’ll never miss a call.

Telephone Answering Systems.

Our integrative computer system instantly displays how to answer your calls, what information to ask for, office hours, emergency numbers, who’s on call, and any other facts you want us to have immediately before our eyes.

Live Answering.

When customers call, they need to talk to a live person. They need someone who can deliver accurate information and courteous service. In 50 years of business, Ansercomm has committed themselves to making sure that your phone is answered exactly the way you yourself would answer it…every time…all the time.

Call Forwarding.

Stay connected wherever, whenever. Our sophisticated and efficient technology systems enable us to forward calls to your business line, home phone, mobile phone, PDA, or pager, whenever you want, wherever you are, so that you never miss an important message.

“Find Me” Reception.

Your incoming call is answered with your recorded greeting, advised to wait while the system tries many numbers to connect you. Example if cell you will hear announcement of caller and select if you wish to connect, optional reversion to live receptionist available too.

Virtual Secretary (Complete Office Solutions).

We work with your needs from the time the phone rings to the time you retrieve your messages. You decide how calls are handled, and you decide how and when you want to retrieve your messages. Think of us as your office away from the office.