Crisis Hotline Service

Crisis hotline answering representatives require a special kind of empathy and understanding that can be difficult to find. That’s why Ansercomm virtual receptionists are chosen for their caring nature and ability to handle difficult and often emotional situations.

Ansercomm agents are trained to be able to identify the urgency of incoming calls, and can route people to your on-call staff and other emergency workers based on your specific guidelines and instructions. Our crisis hotline trained virtual receptions are fully trained in order to ensure that they can handle any emergency call they receive.

Our agents will:

  • Collect caller contact information
  • Collect essential clinical data
  • Capture information regarding the immediate situation
  • Summarize and send referral to appropriate personnel
  • Manage follow-ups based on your instructions

We understand that the vast majority of crisis hotline calls require immediate action. In the event of an emergency, our call answering service representatives will follow your set guidelines to contact your own on-call staff members, emergency medical services, law enforcement, or any other professionals you choose to address the caller’s unique situation. All call data will be thoroughly documented by our virtual receptionists, and will be fully accessible to you.

Our live answering service agents are available 24 hours a day to manage your crisis calls. We tailor each crisis hotline service to our client’s specific support requirements. Our agents can be available during regular business hours, after-hours, holidays, and any time your staff needs call support.
We offer trained and experienced agents for the most sensitive crisis hotline environments.

Contact Ansercomm today to learn how we can support your crisis hotline operations.