Law Offices

A day in the life of the typical law office worker is always busy. Attorneys are running in and out to meet with clients, spending time gathering crucial information for new clients and cases, and performing other essential tasks. When there’s so much work to do, returning a phone call can fall low on your list of priorities. But failing to make a call could mean that you lose a client, or even a case.

Let’s face it, lawyers that are forced to play phone tag aren’t effectively using their best skills in the office. If you use Ansercomm’s law office phone answering service, you’ll never have to play another game of phone tag again! Our live answering service will give your firm an array of customer service solutions that can help biggest and busiest law offices. Your virtual receptionists will be trained to meet the unique needs that your firm has, and will follow your guidelines and protocols. Each call will be answered with an air of professionalism, sensitivity, and accuracy.

Your virtual receptionist will be operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and during holidays. They’ll be able to do much more than answer a simple phone call.

They will also:

  • Create a professional atmosphere for your firm
  • Handle calls from prospective and current clients
  • Help with overflow calls
  • Manage the preliminary screening process for potential clients
  • Transfer and re-route calls based on your directions
  • Handle calls in Spanish or other languages
  • Schedule meetings and confirm appointments
  • Create accurate digital messages and deliver them via your preferred method of communication.

Never waste another minute picking up the phone. Let Ansercomm handle your incoming calls so you can focus on your case load. Contact us today so you can learn more about how our legal live answering service can help your firm.