Public & Private Utilities

Utilities companies are unique because they affect nearly every business and industry you can think of. Health care facilities, manufacturers, public safety officials, transit services, private households, and nearly every other sector relies on the use of public and private utilities. People can’t work or function without power, water, and other essential services. That’s why it’s crucial for utilities companies to be available 24 hours a day for specialized support, safety advice, and a rapid response to problems.

At Ansercomm, we understand the kind telephone answering service utilities companies need. We will provide support during regular business hours, off hours emergencies, weekends, holidays, or whenever your business needs help with overflow calls. Our virtual receptionists can answer customer questions about service issues, handle dispatch calls for emergencies, collect crucial information for warranty repairs on equipment, and prioritize every call based on your set operating criteria. We’ll work with your company to develop a script to answer frequently asked questions, and can quickly route important calls to in house employees.

Ansercomm has handled a variety a utility calls, such as:


  • Gas leaks
  • Water main breaks
  • Toxic environmental risks
  • Down power lines
  • Sink holes


  • Hours of operation
  • Payments
  • Locations
  • Jobs
  • Special services – building, demolition, or service expansion
  • Holiday service issues
  • “Green” or environmental issues

Ansercomm can give you the professional call answering services you need to improve customer satisfaction. Contact us today so we can plan a telephone answering service that meets your unique customer service needs.