Front Office

Businesses of every size, from global conglomerates to small local enterprises, needs to be concerned about customer service. When your clients or customers call, it’s crucial for them to be greeted by a professional and enthusiastic person that’s eager to help them. There’s nothing worse for a business than making a bad first impression on a potential client. An impatient, indifferent, or just plain rude voice can cost you in the long run.

A live answering service can ensure that every customer is treated with enthusiasm and professionalism when they call your business. Our virtual receptionists are guaranteed to provide you with 24 hour a day telephone answering services.

Ansercomm’s front office answering services can give you professional virtual receptionists without having to pay for a full-time employee. Your customers will have a glowing first impression of your business, and you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money on operating costs.

We work in conjunction with our clients to ensure that their answering service will be tailored to their business’ specific needs. With access to your appointment calendar, operating rules, and other important literature we can support your calls and ensure that each customer receives the friendly and accurate assistance they need.

Your front office answering service will:

  • Be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Give your company a professional image
  • Promptly answer calls
  • Take detailed messages to ensure accuracy
  • Route appropriate calls to you or other employees
  • Deliver needed information by telephone, email, voice mail, text message, or fax
  • Prioritize your calls based on your specific directions
  • Make outbound calls
  • Follow up with clients
  • Send necessary information to potential customers when prompted

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