Medical Dispatch

There’s no such thing as a “slow day” when you work at a medical dispatch office. Phones are constantly ringing, and patients, hospitals, and medical offices all need your help. Managing calls and providing prompt and attentive patient care can be challenging, that’s why many dispatchers choose to use a medical answering service to ensure that patient needs are being met around the clock.

Imagine being able to have a professional live answering service and an after hours answering service all rolled into one convenient package. Ansercomm provides professional, accurate, and HIPPA compliant answering services for a variety of medical dispatch offices. Our live answering service benefits everyone involved in the process. Doctors, nurses, and other essential personnel aren’t distracted by ringing phones, and patients and other callers are given prompt and professional customer service. Hospital administrators and health insurance providers have the added benefit of having access to important caller data, and have to deal with fewer automated systems.

Ansercomm medical answer services provide:
Improved efficiency: An effective answering service improves the standard medical office in a variety of ways. Scheduling, billing, patient care, and physician follow ups are much easier to handle when you have HIPPA certified virtual assistants answering the phones. In-house administrative personnel can effectively handle patient issues while your answering service handles overflow or off-hours calls.

Professional and compassionate agents: Ansercomm is familiar with the kinds of needs healthcare professionals and their patients have. Our HIPPA certified virtual assistants are trained to handle your specific dispatching instructions, data tracking methods, and other essential protocol. Our agents are also trained to handle emotional or difficult situations, and treat every caller with the respect and compassion they need.

Niche expertise: Ansercomm has supported a variety of medical facilities, clinics, hospitals, physicians, lab technicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals for many years. We’ve worked in nearly every facet of medical care, from emergency room and private practices to home care facilities and medical supply companies. If any company knows the kind of customer service medical professionals need, it’s Ansercomm.

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