Landscape & Maintenance

When you work in the commercial or residential landscaping and gardening industry, you’re constantly on the move. Whether you’re hopping from one job to the next or picking up much needed supplies, your clients are going to want to get a hold of you. One missed call could lead to a missed lucrative business opportunity, but how can you ensure that you’ll never miss a call when you’re working or off the clock?

If you want to ensure that you never miss a customer’s call and stand out among your competition, you need Ansercomm. Our after hours answering service and virtual receptionists can ensure that your customers are getting the service they need 24 hours a day. Our live answering service agents will answer your calls promptly and professionally, and will transfer calls to needed staff or schedule appointments according to your directions.

If you’re seasonal, our agents can handle any and all calls you receive during your off-season to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to find a new customer. If you’re like most landscaping and gardening professionals with multi-level service offerings throughout the year, we can design an answering service to accommodate each need.

Never send another customer or lead to your voicemail again. Contact Ansercomm today to learn how our telephone answering service can help you generate more sales and provide customer superior support.