5 Ways A Business Answering Service Builds Your Business

Ansering Service Woman in Business SuitTo improve the perception of your business is important, especially when starting up. To develop a professional telephone anwering servicesTo improve the perception of your business is important, especially when starting up. To develop a professional business reputation requires being responsive. When you are a small business, you may not have the ability or time to answer every call. What’s worse than not answering a call is giving the perception that a client cannot get in touch with you.

Having an answering service may address these needs and can help your business immeasurably. Here are 5 ways a business answering service can help build your business:

  1. Your prospects and customers are greeted by a live person, not a machine. So many people take exception to fancy voicemail recordings and automated self service. If you want to stand out amongst the competition, have a real person answer your phone.
  2. Today’s generation may not understand phone etiquette, but your answering service does. Especially because generation Y and generation C are used to having their own phones, they haven’t been raised in an environment of understanding appropriate phone etiquette. This means that the phone rings longer than it should and messages can be compromised. With a phone answering service, your level of professionalism is guaranteed regardless of time of call.
  3. Your service is now extended to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients and prospects who call feel that they have reached a professional operation that cares about servicing them enough to have a person answering the phone, regardless of when they call. Of course, you can dictate whether the call gets put through to your or not.
  4. Messages are available when you like and the way you want. Whether you opt for a live call, a voicemail message, a text message, email or even a fax, you can be assured that your messages will be delivered the way you want, when you want. You can determine that you want to receive them as they come in, or as batches at a time that’s convenient for you. Either way, your customer is always under the impression that they have left a message with a real person.
  5. You have the chance to focus on your business and not be interrupted by client calls which in the long run, will mean that you make more money.

Whether you are a small business or medium sized company, having your phone answered promptly with a knowledgeable person is critical to form the impressions you need for your business to flourish. Even if you don’t have the budget to hire a person to man the front desk, you always have a live person answering your phone when you utilize an answering service.

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