3 Tips to Improve Your Customer Service Experience

Business owners understand that customer relations are an essential component to success and growth. In fact, companies around the world invest millions of dollars each year on customer engagement and retention programs. However, the most important piece of the customer service puzzle can be found at a simpler and much less expensive level.

The goal of providing an optimal experience for customers can be achieved with three easy steps. Following these basic guidelines creates the blueprint for a better relationship between companies and their valuable customers.

1. Attentiveness
One of the most common complaints from customers when seeking assistance with a product or service is the lack of attentiveness they feel they are given when trying to resolve an issue. While some companies will spend hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars annually to hire internal customer service teams and provide in-house training and consulting to improve the customer service experience, a live answering service can offer attentive customer service representatives at a lower cost to the business itself. Live answering operators are specifically trained to provide support while projecting a sense of urgency to match the customer’s in order to resolve issues quickly and with the customer’s needs in mind.

2. Knowledge
Paying attention to your customers’ needs is crucial, but as the saying goes – knowledge is power. Solving problems begins with a knowledgeable customer service staff. Forwarding customer service inquiries to the appropriate department or individual in a timely manner can make the difference between a happy customer and a former customer. A live answering service also plays a critical role for businesses looking for a knowledgeable customer support team while still maintaining a focus on budget and efficiency.

3. Resolution
The resolution of a customer service inquiry is vital to earning to continued business. Often times, customers may get “lost in the shuffle” and questions or complaints are not handled properly or in a timely manner and business can be permanently lost. The role of an answering service provider is to offer 24/7 support and help to prioritize and resolve issues to keep your customers coming back.

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